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ProTech2.0 - Mask


The ProTech2.0 mask has adjustable elastic ear bands and a metal nose strip.  Many designs are available and this mask is a little lighter then the ProTech3.0, but doesn't have a filter pocket. Designed by Solution Bamboo in Quebec, Canada. Don't forget about our Quantity Discount grid below to save as much as 50% on your order! 


  • Product video available above
  • Total of 3 layers (1 in polyester, 1 in polypropylene and 1 in cotton)
  • Malleable metal nose strip
  • 3 sizes available (Small, Medium & Large) 
  • Reusable and eco-friendly (unlimited use)
  • Free delivery
  • Hand wash and air drying recommended
  • Click here to purchase addtionnal filters
  • Save up to 50% with the collection Mask Collection Quantity Discounts!
  • Non medical mask


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